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Beds are used by characters to sleep and reduce their tiredness stat. Better beds reduce tiredness faster.

Sleeping Bag[edit | edit source]

Sleeping bag.png"The most basic form of a bed that lacks any sort of real comfort. Reduces tiredness."

Sleeping bags can be crafted by combining 3 wool and 3 nylon.

Bed[edit | edit source]

Bed.png"The single bed offers a moderate night's sleep, but it's better than sleeping on the floor. Reduces tiredness."

Beds require a level 2 work bench and can be crafted by combining 3 springs, 6 wool, 3 wood, and 6 nails.

Comfy Bed[edit | edit source]

Bed.png"A sturdy bed that offers a good night's sleep. Reduces tiredness."

Comfy beds require a level 3 work bench and can be crafted by combining 4 springs, 8 wool, 4 wood, and 8 nails.

Comfy Bunk Bed[edit | edit source]

Bed.png"Two people can use this Bunk Bed to sleep at the same time. Reduces tiredness."

Comfy bunk beds require a level 4 work bench and can be crafted by combining 6 springs, 12 wool, 6 wood, and 12 nails.