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Character stats will gradually increase over time. They may be viewed by pressing the down arrow under the selected character's portrait on the top left of the screen in the shelter.

Health Conditions[edit | edit source]

  • Feeling Okay - The character is healthy.
  • Food Poisoning - Occurs when a character eats when his or her dirtiness stat is high or when eating in an untidy environment. Characters with food poisoning may vomit frequently. Food poisoning can be prevented by frequent usage of a shower to keep dirtiness stats low and a mop & bucket to keep the shelter clean. Food poisoning will eventually work its way out of a character's system after a short amount of time.
  • Radiation Poisoning - Characters can get radiation poisoning from exposure to radioactive particles in the air. This can be prevented by equipping gas masks while on expeditions, wearing hazmat suits while outside of the shelter, and maintaining the oxygen and water filters. Radiation poisoning causes characters to slowly lose health and can only be cured by using anti-radiation tablets. It takes a character approximately 1 day to die of radiation poisoning.
  • Catatonic - When the trauma stat is full characters become catatonic and must be taken care by another character. Catatonic characters can return to normal if properly taken care of.
  • Suffocating - Occurs if there are too many people in the base and the output of the oxygen filter is not enough. Causes a health decrease at a relatively rapid pace. The only way to cure this is to upgrade the output for the oxygen filter or dismiss people until they stop suffocating.

Health[edit | edit source]

Characters lose health during battles in the wasteland or through radiation poisoning. Health regeneration can be temporarily boosted through the use of a first-aid kit. If a character's health stat reaches zero, that character will die.

Needs[edit | edit source]

Stress[edit | edit source]

Each stat controls the character's stress level. If enough of the stats are in the red then that character's stress stat will start to increase. Once the stats are out of the red the stress stat will reduce. If stress gets in to the red that character will start to suffer trauma. Stress can also be reduced by interacting with a jukebox, reading books for adults, or playing with toys for children. Having a pet around also reduces stress, so be sure to keep your dog or cat alive.

Trauma[edit | edit source]

Trauma is increased when the stress stat is full, when another character dies, or when the character kills another character in combat. When the trauma stat is full the character will become catatonic. Catatonic characters are unable to drink or eat and require the care of another character. Reducing stress will cause the trauma stat to eventually decrease.