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  • Pets are companions in the game that provide a certain benefit in exchange for food. Each pet has a health status that can be up to 100. If this goes to 0, the pet will die and everyone in the shelter will gain trauma.
  • Gold Fish - This trusty gold fish provides an escape into an underwater world of peace and tranquility. Provides a large stress reduction to all family members (passive effect). Requires cleaning out every seven days (requires 10 water) and feeding daily.
  • Snake - The snake has the ability to keep rats away. Whilst the snake is out of its vivarium no rats will come to the shelter, even whilst it is dirty. Requires feeding (whilst in the vivarium) every other day. Beware its bite.
  • Horse - Majestic and beautiful. The horse can be used to travel the wasteland at a faster pace. Capable of carrying items with a saddle bag. Requires three portions of food a day. Don't forget to build a stable! (The following text is not said in-game) If you don’t build a stable, then the horse will get the sick status and will need to be medicated. The horse’s health will lower while it is sick. Also, taking a horse on an expedition will lessen the amount of water needed.
  • Dog - Mans best friend. Can be taken out with you on expeditions to increase your perception and help you in combat. Provides a small stress reduction to all family members (passive effect). Requires daily feeding.
  • Cat - The cat is a natural hunter. Excellent at killing rats. Any rats it kills will be transferred in to a freezer (if freezer space available) Provides a small stress reduction to all family members (passive effect). Requires feeding every other day.